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  • HYBRID: AUTOCLEAN function for Hybrid and Electric Vehicle.
  • 7” Touch Screen Display OPTIMA can be set up according to one’s own working habits by choosing among multiple options and personalizing the daily use.
  • OPTIMA enjoys a design concept that allows the maximum accuracy of the refrigerant quantity, both in the recovery and the charging phase, in line with the industry standards and in in full respect of the environment.
  • The 3 independent scales with 1g resolution, managing Oils and Additives, allow to operate in a safe and reliable way on Hybrid and Full Electric Vehicles.
  • An only unit designed to be able to work with either R134a or R1234yf.  By means of the purchase of the appropriate completion kit, OPTIMA will be selected for the requested refrigerant during the first starting phase and through a retrofit operation, it can be converted to the use with the other refrigerant.

Main Functions

  • Completely Automatic Unit.
  • Automatic Recovery /Recycling.
  • Automatic Vacuum / Vacuum test.
  • Automatic Oil discharge (with scale).
  • Automatic PAG, POE and UV oil charge.
  • Automatic Refrigerant Charge.
  • Automatic personalized cycle (recovery-vacuum-charge).
  • Flushing cycle.
  • Database upgradeable with USB memory.
  • Customized paper report with workshop / operator data.
  • Possibility to enter customer data (plate number, chassis number, km, …).
  • Automatic alarm for service: the unit advises when you have to replace the filter and oil in the vacuum pump.
  • Automatic bottle pressure control.
  • Periodic auto-test: the unit checks the internal circuit tightness every 20 days.
  • Pressure test: before the charging phase, the machine performs the test pressure with refrigerant of the A /C system.
  • Pressure test with nitrogen or AZOIDRO (N2+ H 2).
  • Distillation with automatic control.
  • Integrated room temperature probe.
  • Ready for wifi connection (optional).
  • Ready to integrate a refrigerant analyzer (optional).
  • Single man operation.
  • Ideal suited for peak Indian summers



7” Touch Screen

Graphical Database by Brand

IAS Intelligent Alert System

ESS Easy Service System Direct access to subsitute filter and vacuum pump oil

Hermetic Oil Additive Packing kit (optional)

BCS Beginning Check System

Technical Specifications

Type of refrigerant
R134A or R1234yf
Recovery Rate
300 g/min
Recovery Accuracy
± 15 g
Recovery Efficiency
> 95%
Pump Swept Volume
100 l/min
Botttle Capacity
10 kg
Refrigerant Scale Resolution
5 g
Oil/UV Scale Resolution
1 g
Storage Temperature
-10 to +50°
Working Ambient Temperature
+10 to +50°
Power Supply
220V, 50 HZ
Dimensions LxWxH
64 kg

Important Fact

To clear the concept regarding the MACHINE working for 2 gases…

  • The machine during the first installation, you need to select the required refrigerant either R134A or R1234yf.
  • From that moment on, the machine will set up for the selected refrigerant.
  • To change to another refrigerant, is possible, but it takes time .
  • This retrofit procedure takes almost half day and is recommended once that the user want really to convert the machine definitely to the other refrigerant.
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