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MODEL –  PWB-1590M


  • 19″ Colour display, Easy setting.
  • Digital data setting using “+” & “-” keys.
  • Brief cycle time of 6 secs.
  • Single spin low RPM balancing technology.
  • Automatic positioning for weight installation.
  • Un-balance Optimization: Weight Optimization (reduction).
  • Self calibration using master weight.
  • Self Diagnostic Un-balance optimization.
  • Alloy / Mag wheel balancing.
  • Pedal brake.
  • Proven design.


Digital Data Setting

Fast, modern and fool-proof. Two to three times faster than the numerical button method and more accurate than the traditional potentiometer system Rim width and diameter can be set in inches or millimeters Wheel/machine distance is then made automatically and displayed.

1. Cycle Start Button, 2. Emergency Stop Button, 3. Unbalanced Readout Button, 4. Correction Mode Select Button, 5. Re-calculate Button, 6. Function List Button, 7. Distance Calibration, 8. width Calibration Button, 9. Diameter Calibration Button, a. Distance, b. Width, c. Wheel Diameter 

Unbalance Optimizing Program

Allowing to optimize the relative position rim/tyre by compensating in the best way the  tyre unbalance with rim unbalance.  After making the various operations as prompted, there are the following data: rim  unbalance, tyre unbalance, rotation angle to be made for unbalance minimizing, attainable  percentage reduction relating to the initial static unbalance.

Unbalance Optimization
Automatic Positioning
Programmes for Static and Alloy Balancing

Technical Specifications

Rim Diameter
10" - 24" or 265 - 615 mm
Rim Width
1.5" - 20" or 40 - 510 mm
Distance between wheel and machine
0 - 25 cm
Balancing Accuracy
1 gm
Power Supply
220 - 240 V, 50 - 60 Hz Single Phase
0.33 Kw
Maximum Power Consumption
0.6 Kw
Wheels weighing upto
75 Kg
Dimensions with Wheel Guard WxLxH
1350 (Hood open) x1220x1670
Net Weight with Wheel Guard
160 kg (Excluding Adaptors)


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