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Nitrogen Generator

MODEL – PNF-3000, PNF-3000A


  • Suitable for: Car, Light Truck.
  • Pump the air from the tyre by the internal vacuum generator.
  • Auto-Start Inflation.
  • Single Tyre Application.
  • 72PSI / 5bar / 500kPa.
  • Generates nitrogen from your compressed air.
  • 2 Pre-Filters.
  • 50L internal nitrogen storage tank.
  • Remain at last setting.
  • Audible and visual end of the cycle signal indicators.
  • LED display.
  • 1 No. 10m standard hose with single clip-on open tyre chuck.

Technical Specifications

Compressed Air Input Range
87-145PSI/6-10bar /600-1000kPa
Compressed Air Input Flow
Operating Temperature Range
-20℃/-4°F to 70℃ / 158°F
N2 Purity
Nitrogen Output
Maximum Nitrogen Pressure in Tank
102PSI / 7bar / 700kPa
Power Requirement Voltage
AC220V 50Hz 1 Phase
Power Consumption
Dimensions HxWxD
1255x700x435 mm
Net Weight
87 kg
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